Saturday, August 23, 2014

Huge China Scam = TEFL & TESOL Training Certificates Are Not A Requirement For China Foreign Teachers...

This is a scam that is estimated at $300 million annually that has been targeting uni graduates around the world as well as vagabond ESL teachers looking to teach in China.  The fraud is one that is perpetrated by both huge TEFL & TESOL training companies as well as individual job recruiters, and the usual unlicensed scam agents whose bogus job ads flood the internet with even paid ads appearing weekly at eslcafe,,, etc.  From our four-month investigatio we calculate that about 85% of all the ads you see online for "work in china" and "teach in china" opportunities are linked to a scam of one variety or another.  Today we are going to tell you about the biggest of these scams - THE FALSE  TEFL & TESOL CERTIFICATE  REQUIREMENT SCAM

To cut right to the chase, 19 TEFL and TESOL tarining companies were recorded telling our undercover "ESL teachers" the following bold-faced lies:

* "If you want to teach in China  ______, you must have a TEFL certificate, and there is no away around this."

*  "If you don't have a degree or the two year experience, a TEFL certificate will substitute for both."

*  "80% of the best schools in China demand their teachers have a TESOL certificate, so there is no point sending out any resumes until we get you one _________."

*   "No school in China will hire you without a TEFL certificate, but I can sell you one for $500 so don't lose sleep over this. They  never check to see if they are genuine or not because they trust foreigners to be more honest than their fellow-Chinese."

*  I regret to tell you that I sent your resume out to 29 employers and they all rejected it because you have no TESOL cert ________.  The good news is that we have an online course starting next Monday and their are two slots remaining."

These are the lies.  Now here is the truth we received directly from the SAFEA office in Beijing when we visited last Wednesday and asked point blank these three questions:

Q1:    Does any law in China require that China foreign teachers have a TEFL or TESOL certificate?
A1:    No,we have no such law or requirement in China.

Q2:    Can Chinese Universities or public schools require either a TESOL or TEFL certificate?
A2:    No, they must follow the national standards.

Q3:    What are the legal requirements for a foreign teacher to teach in China?
A3:  Here you go (the director's secretary handed us leaflet that spells out the following requirements)

- Bachelor degree in any major field of study from an accredited university
-  A valid passport and work visa (only Z visas are accepted)
-  Proof of current age (Minimum 21 years of age)
-  Verifiable two years previous work experience
-  Fluency in the English language
-  Police certificate confirming no criminal record

The next lie these companies and all their sales agents are telling teacher prospects is:

"Our certificate is globally recognized and accepted around the world."  

In fact, no online certificate is honored internationally, and only the Cambridge CELTA and TESOL Institute in the U.K. even come close.   If you buy any other training course, here is where they will actually recognize your certificate:

* Algeria
* Armenia
* Bolivia
* Cameroon
* Haiti
* El Salvador
* Guatemala
* Nicaragua
* Mali
* Malawi
* Somalia
* Ethiopia
* Ghana
* Uganda
* Sudan
* Latvia
* Estonia
* Tajikistan
* Uzbekistan
* Yemen
* Syria
* Zimbabwe
* Laos

Need we say more? For a list of the companies that cannot tell the truth about China's real teacher requirements, (those we suggest you avoid like the ebola virus) can be found here:

We have forwarded our report to the CFTU and CTA Network and requested that it be sent to their membership.  Please share this link with all your teacher friends so they too don't become another victim.  

China Trivia:  86% of all counterfeit goods in the world originate in China.


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