Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fraud Alert! Aussie, U.K. & Eurozne Uni Students Targeted From Pakistan For Gi2C China Internship Scam...

Warning to all uni students in the U.K., Australia, and Eurozone interested in China jobs. 90% of the online ads you see for China jobs and internships are rubbish scams targeting YOU.  The scheme is extremely cunning, clever, and devious.  Paid shills, fabricated reviews, and a splendid web site are all used to dangle a $60,000 MNC job carrot in front of your nose. Once they have you believing its really true, they want you to pay money to work as an intern in China - for free!

The call you receive will be from a caller claiming to be in London. The call back number you are given is even London number!  But you are being set up by a Pakistani or Chinese call center!  Read our full report at"

See the blacklist of China agents and learn how to get real jobs and internships in China for FREE without the risk and aggravation of agents.

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